Multiple documents how-to


Is it possible to work with several documents (worksheets, for example) from a plug-in? The plug-in examples provided do not quite cover this scenario.
The use case is create or edit one or more documents as a result of working on current one (in a VBA way).

This question is primarily about desktop editors.

Hello @r7d7

I don’t quite understand your scenario. Could you please elaborate on it? If possible share the VBA macro that you are referring to for better understanding.

The keyword missed is simultaneously.
The scenario is to open a spreadsheet and to split it to fragments (separate spreadsheets) using certain criteria and save them.

The question is how to open and work with several spreadsheets simultaneously.

VBA example:
Dim wb1 as Workbook
Dim wb2 as Workbook
Set wb1 = Workbooks.Open(“1.xlsx”)
Set wb2 = Workbooks.Open(“2.xlsx”)
wb1.Sheets(1).Range(“A1”) = wb2.Sheets(1).Range(“B2”)

Sorry for the late response.

I’m checking the situation. I’ll let you know if I find out anything.

Hello @r7d7

If you open two spreadsheets in the Desktop Editor, you can drag one of those to position them as you like and then use External link feature to link the cells from one sheet to another.
Once you have edited a source cell in the origin spreadsheet, save the document, then in the second spreadsheet go to Data tab > External links > Update values to sync the cells. This is quite a workaround that can be used in that matter.
Here is small demo: