Multipage view within a document

Firstly, I love your product, OnlyOffice is beautiful, streamlined and best of all, open source. I would like to make a suggestion however as I feel it is missing an important feature.

The application does not have a way to view multiple pages of a document at a time. I am Dyslexic and I often find it easier to zoom out of a document and view a few pages at once to take the content in better and make amendments. I write a lot of essays and this is invaluable for me.

It would be amazing if we could either click on a symbol or scroll out to see a side by side page comparison as you can in LibreOffice Writer, WPS Office or Microsoft Word. So say page 1 on the left and page 2 on the right and so on.

Type of Installation: deb
Version: ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors version
OS: Linux (Pop OS)
Browser: Brave

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Hello @metaporic

Thank you for the suggestion! We have forwarded it to our Development Department for further consideration.

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Hello, I was going to suggest the same feature and would like to add to consider a split view like this browser does How do I use split-screen in Wavebox?
and also have the option that both views have independent scroll options, so I could review the index/structure of a document while I reading/writing on it.

Yes please @onlyoffice! The ability to View two pages side-by-side really accelerates productivity when completing formatting of document, contracts etc…any progress on this?

Hello @amv
We are still working on it (internal track number - 35959). I will update this thread when we have something to share.
Sorry for inconvenience.

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Thank you for your replies Kate and Alexandre, it is great to hear that you have forwarded the suggestion to the Development Department.

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Hi Team, any update on this please?

Mac v7.3 is a great improvement overall, multipage would really help…


Hello @amv
Sorry, no news at the moment, the work is still in progress.

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I started using Onlyoffice for the first time today. First thing I came here for was exactly this question - multipage and split views. Love to see responses from Kate and Alexandre, it inspires confidence in the product and development.

Hello @typ0-e
Thank you for the kind words and welcome on the forum. We will update this thread when we have something to share on the case that was discussed here.

+1 Hope to add this feature

Hello @hufei
Your request has been collected. I will update this thread when we have something to share.

+1 Hope to add this feature

Hello @sw_man
Your request is collected. I will update this thread once we release this feature.