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ONLYOFFICE DocSpace released

Multipage view within a document

Firstly, I love your product, OnlyOffice is beautiful, streamlined and best of all, open source. I would like to make a suggestion however as I feel it is missing an important feature.

The application does not have a way to view multiple pages of a document at a time. I am Dyslexic and I often find it easier to zoom out of a document and view a few pages at once to take the content in better and make amendments. I write a lot of essays and this is invaluable for me.

It would be amazing if we could either click on a symbol or scroll out to see a side by side page comparison as you can in LibreOffice Writer, WPS Office or Microsoft Word. So say page 1 on the left and page 2 on the right and so on.

Type of Installation: deb
Version: ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors version
OS: Linux (Pop OS)
Browser: Brave

Hello @metaporic

Thank you for the suggestion! We have forwarded it to our Development Department for further consideration.

Hello, I was going to suggest the same feature and would like to add to consider a split view like this browser does How do I use split-screen in Wavebox?
and also have the option that both views have independent scroll options, so I could review the index/structure of a document while I reading/writing on it.

Yes please @onlyoffice! The ability to View two pages side-by-side really accelerates productivity when completing formatting of document, contracts etc…any progress on this?

Hello @amv
We are still working on it (internal track number - 35959). I will update this thread when we have something to share.
Sorry for inconvenience.

Thank you for your replies Kate and Alexandre, it is great to hear that you have forwarded the suggestion to the Development Department.

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Hi Team, any update on this please?

Mac v7.3 is a great improvement overall, multipage would really help…


Hello @amv
Sorry, no news at the moment, the work is still in progress.