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Mobile Sheets ergonomics

I use onlyoffice but on mobile, the ergonomics is not optimal on the excel tables (sheets).
Is there an option to have the typing bar at the bottom of the screen, under the table, instead of at the top?


Hello @VT56S
Please let us know exact version of your device\OS and version of ONLYOFFICE mobile app.
Please make screenshots of the situation. I have checked ONLYOFFICE Documents on the iOS (iPhone) and typing bar appears at the bottom of the screen, when I am editing the cell.

Hi, sorry for missing informations.
I’m using an android smartphone, and installed kdrive, which uses integrated onlyoffice.

Here’s a screenshot to explain the situation.


It would be easier (for me) to have this bar at the bottom.

Ah, formula bar. Now I got it.
We have added your suggestion to internal tracksystem (internal number - 58191). We have started working on it.

Sorry for bad translation (and for my bad english) and thanks for adding the suggestion !

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