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Mobile-friendly portal version

Dear authors,

Could you please let us know whether it is possible to make the ONLYOFFICE portal mobile friendly. Maybe there is an option that we need to activate.


Hello @roboj0
Please clarify your request. What exactly do you mean by ‘friendly’?

Hello Alexandre!

When opening our Community Edition Portal, I see the screen as it is in the attached image.

By mobile friendly, I meant the responsive display which would allow us to use the mail in the mobile browser.



Hello @roboj0
To be honest, the request is still unclear for me. I have checked my test Workspace portal from my smartphone (mobile browser) and I was able to use mail module to send letters.
If it’s possible, please provide us with details. You can record a videofile, draw a scheme, anything to provide us with details of desired scenario.

Dear Alexandre,

I am sorry for the delay in replying. Maybe the most straightforward way will be to send a link:

If I open it on my mobile phone, I get an attached screen that is not convenient. I can scroll and enter the credentials but it is not convenient.

Similarly, inside the portal, the interface is not friendly for the phones. It looks like on PC.


Hello @roboj0

Thanks for provided information.
Indeed our application has only full sized PC site interface and does not support mobile view.
We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.