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Mobile editors and drop-down lists in spreadsheets

Hi all,

I wanted to use the mobile apps for some spreadsheet collaboration, specifically the use of drop-down lists for cells feature was my main goal. On the desktop spreadsheet editor I can make it work without any problem, after data validation and list creation the little icon for the drop-down menu appears on the selected cell, and I can see my list, can select anything. This feature is not working in the mobile apps though. On Android the drop-down menu icon appears next to the cell just like in the browser, but it isn’t clickable, no matter how far I’m zooming in. On the IOS app the icon isn’t visible at all. Is this because I’m not using the paid features?

Hello @Norbert
We know about this issue. It is not related to open-source or commercial version of Document server. Internal bug numbers - 49241, 49243, 49248.
The drop-down list for mobile browser will be available with Document server v.7.1. We are on the finish line, the release is planned in April.
Please note, that mobile web-editors are not available in open-source version of DS, but shortly after v.7.1 release we are going to add the same feature in Android\iOS apps. But I cannot provide you with exact timeframes of future updates timeline of these apps at the moment.

By the way, about difference between open-source or commercial versions of Document server you can check here: Compare editions | ONLYOFFICE Docs

thank you. do i need to upgrade the document server itself, or is it enough when i upgrade the apps on the phones?

Update apps on the phones will be enough. But I would like to recommend you to update Document server in any case. Each new version contains bugfixes and new features.