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Missing query data on /track endpoint

when making a request on save to the ‘callbackUrl’, I get some of the data, but I notice that the req.query has no data. I need the useraddress & filename on that object, but the object is empty and that data is not present. Please advise.

Hello @dharmon
As I see, you have commercial license and you already have contacted my colleague via Zendesk. Please note that users with commercials license should use Zendesk to get prompt replies.

I’ve encountered the same issue, and since the question was not answered, I would like to post this here, so that anyone facing this in the future can find it.
The callback URL address should contain the query parameters mentioned in the question (such as filename etc.), so that the documentServer will include them when responding.

For example, in my case using the React DocumentEditor, the config JSON callback URL line should have looked like the following:

"editorConfig": {
     "callbackUrl": yourURL+ "/track?filename=yourCurrentFilename.docx",
     "mode": "edit",

Hello @Leonnis12
I’m not sure that I understand your request clearly. Messages that are sent to callbackUrl by the Document Server have a certain structure. You can find examples of these messages here:
Document Server cannot send any custom data. If you need some custom data to be saved, you can add it to the callbackUrl.
If I misunderstood your request, please clarify it.

Yes, the custom data should be added to the callbackUrl, like you said. I did not understand this directly from reading the documentation, and since this question was not answered here until now, I pointed out the same thing.

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