Missing menu File->Rename in document editor, OnlyOffice integrated in NextCloud

Hello, I’ve a question/problem: I’ve a OnlyOffice 7.3 integrated in Nextcloud latest.
In document editor I open the documents (tried with xlmx and docx) and edit them, but I don’t have the menu item File->Rename, I can rename only the files from folder view.
I tried to see docs and I understand that this is not a correct behaviour.

The api needs for integration with other platform, I believe, not for NextCloud, right?

installed two VM dual homed with Ubuntu 22.10, one NIC to Internet and one in I host-only mode, the server talk each other correctly and I don’t see nothig relevant in logs.
Someone could help me?

Hello @CVitali

Unfortunately, this is correct behavior - currently you cannot rename documents via editors interface when Document Server is integrated with Nextcloud. The rename function is not implemented in the Nextcloud connector app yet due to technical reasons.