"Migration of the portal is in progress" stuck

Hello, i was trying to add Google Cloud Storage to our portal to use as a backup location.
After entering the bucket name and pressing enter. I was sent to a screen that says
“Migration of the portal is in progress.” this screen appears everywhere. I’m confused since the progress bar animates to 100% before the page auto-refreshes. Is that intended?

I also don’t see any data in the google cloud bucket. Is there a way to make this stop?
I’ve waited for an hour. Backups to the local storage took only 20 to 30 minutes before.

Hello aibarra11.

Please point me to the guide which you used for described actions. According to “Migration of the portal is in progress” notification, you started portal data migration process, but not backup creation. It can take some time.

Migration portal data to a cloud:


For backup creation you should use Backup tab in Control Panel.

If I misunderstood the situation, please describe it in detail.

Oh ok, then that was a mistake. Its been 15 hours since it started and i don’t see any progress or error messages. There is no data in the Google Cloud Storage Bucket.

How can i stop the migration?

Please provide us with additional information about your installation:

  1. OS version.
  2. Type of installation (docker, package, exe)
  3. Point me to the installation guide which you used.
  4. Components versions (Control Panel, Community server).

Docker containers running:

  • onlyoffice/communityserver:
  • onlyoffice/controlpanel:
  • onlyoffice/documentserver-ee:
  • mysql:5.7.26

Our Enterprise License expired, and we’re not able to renew it at the moment.

is there a value in MYSQL i can edit? or a configuration file i can change?

Hello aibarra11.

Sorry for the late reply.

I don’t have proven ready-to-go solution for your situation. If you have prepared whole server backup, probably it’s better to rollback.

For technical difficulty issues, where a prompt reliable solution is required, it’s better to contact ONLYOFFICE techsupport team via https://onlyofficesupport.zendesk.com/