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Method of window in plugin don defined

Hi everyone!

I faced with problem in implementation of plugins in editor.
According documentation js code of plugin need contain “window.Asc.plugin.init”. But all plugins doesn’t work. The cause in debugger is method plugin in window.Asc is not defined.
This issue actual and for other standart plugins from GitHub repo…

Please give me advise for resolve this problem.

Hello @Vasily

First of all, please make sure that the plugin structure is correct.
Also, specify how do you install plugins, product that you are using, e.g. Document Server, Desktop Editors, etc, and its version.

Situation is next. I have different computers. And the issue is only on one of them.
Now we have an assumption that the problem is in security of the OS system for my account and editor incorrect work with methods of API.
I will get answer when we will finde the cause of issue.

Sorry for the late response.
This is quite unique issue out there. Please keep me updated if you find out anything in this regard.