Mendeley Authentication

Hi there,

I’ve recently started using OnlyOffice Desktop. Looks great so far!
I added the Mendeley Plugin. However, I can’t get it to work.

After opening the Mendeley Plugin I’ve pressed Copy Link and Open Form. I register online, obtain my five digit App ID and secret phrase. I then press Login, type my App ID, this opens a new tab in my browser redirecting me to Mendeley, but when I login in with my credential it just freezes and nothing more happens.
It seems the authentication is initiated, but it doesn’t produce an error message, and just keeps on trying.

Anyone know how to fix this?

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Hi @Imsdal

Unfortunately, we currently do not support the Mendeley plugin in desktop editors.

Plugin mendeley


  • ONLYOFFICE Workspace
  • ONLYOFFICE Workspace Enterprise
  • ONLYOFFICE Docs Enterprise
  • ONLYOFFICE Docs Developer
  • ONLYOFFICE Docs Personal
  • ONLYOFFICE Docs Cloud


I have the exact same problem. I follow the procedure, but when trying to connect the OpenOffice app to Mendeley the authentication process doesn’t go anywhere.

Would much appreciate any advice from community members (even if OpenOffice officially doesn’t support the plug-in).

For me, Mendeley integration is necessary for any serious long-term usage.

hi @joelo

you made a little mistake
we are OnlyOfficers :upside_down_face:

Are you using ONLYOFFICE desktop too?

Ups! Apparently, that went a bit too fast. :smile:

Yes, I meant OnlyOffice.

Have been working around this by importing my Mendeley library to Zotero, but in the long run it would be convenient to just have one reference manager. :slight_smile:

Hey @joelo :handshake:
We appreciate your suggestion for improving the ONLYOFFICE desktop editors plugin.
While we are open to enhancements and feature requests, we regret to inform you that we currently do not have a specific timeline for the implementation of this particular enhancement.

Please rest assured that your feedback is essential to us, and we will continue to assess and prioritize such requests based on their demand and feasibility.:saluting_face:


Only Office is the only Office-like software package that I’m happy with that’s also available for Linux. Therefore, it’s truly a shame that the Mendeley app isn’t currently supported, and as an academic a reference manager is a key tool.

It would have been amazing if support is added in the future!

hi @Imsdal :handshake:

In ONLYOFFICE Desktop, currently, the Mendeley plugin is not supported, but our developers are exploring ways to address this issue.

Thank you for your feedback!