Management and document overview via webui in onlyoffice CE

I do have onlyoffice community edition up and running fine. Its connected with nextcloud. Everything is working as expected. But i do have an inspect documents related question.

Question - Webui access to documents directly via onlyoffice:
What i would like to achieve is see documents without nextcloud. I want to access onlyoffice directly via URL, but the only working URL i could find is: https://*** and on this welcome page there is no link to a login or similar.

I want to inspect documents and get details about documents. Details such as when saved, when last edited, document name, size, still in RAM or already saved to disk etc… Because some time ago there was an issue with dataloss due to synchronisation issues between nextcloud and onlyoffice. So having a direct access to a document overview webui would be beneficial. I think i remember years ago i did have direct access via webui, is this feature gone? Or can you provide a link where i can access an overview/managment webui?

If there is no webui accessible in the onlyoffice community edition, could you please provide the path where in the docker version documents are stored?

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Please note that Document Server does not store any files on its side - the files are being downloaded for the editing only and when editing is finished changes are applied to the downloaded file and it is sent back to Nextcloud.

If Nextcloud is inaccessible for some reason the file is saved to forgotten folder instead - this is a mechanism for avoiding data losses.
The path is /var/lib/onlyoffice/documentserver/App_Data/cache/files/forgotten (inside the container).

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@Ali i forgot about that over the past year. Thanks to your hint i do remember the forgotten folder. Thanks for clarification! So am i right there is no more webui in the onlyoffice community edition? No Admin login to get some detailed information such as “forgotten” docs, currently edited documents, etc…?

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Hello @scrapper
There’s no admin webui, Document server is just an editor in fact. The biggest part of necessary parameters are placed in default.json and local.json files on the Document server side.
Also you can communicate with Document server via API:ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Command service