Make the zoom value stay the way user sets it up, rather than reverting to default

Every time I set the zoom value the way I want(for example at 50%), after I finish in one of the onlyoffice applications and when I save my work, and when I exit any of the onlyoffice application(Document, Spreadsheet etc.) and enter it again, the default zoom value returns to 100%. I want the zoom value to stay the way I set it up in the onlyoffice app(if I set zoom value of course), and not to restore the zoom back to default. I this can be made, make it, if not, then leave the way it is.

Hello @nicesto

We are taking closer look at this suggestion.
I will let you know when any news come up.

Hello @nicesto

We have come to a conclusion that the preservation of zoom value may not be that comfortable for all editors. However, such possibility exists in MS Word, so we have registered an enhancement suggestion number 62226 to add similar functionality for document editor.

Hello again @nicesto

This suggestion was implemented in new version 7.5. To preserve zoom settings, navigate to File tab > Advanced Settings > WorkspaceDefault Zoom Value and select in drop-down list Last used to activate it.

New version of Desktop Editors is already available, please update your application. We are looking forward to your feedback.