Make so that are our documents, spreadsheets, presentations from our phone are shown in OnlyOffice mobile app


Currently, when we click allow permission so that OnlyOffice can access our storage it only shows three files, one document, one spreadsheet, one presentation.
So, my suggestion is to remove the shown files, I have named the screenshot “remove files on device tab”, to see what files I’m talking about and make our files(documents, spreadsheets, presentations) from our phone appear on OnlyOffice when we click Allow on storage permission.


Hello @nicesto

We need to discuss this suggestion first. I will update the thread once any news come up.

FYI, at the moment when you grant access to the system storage, a custom root folder (by default named OnlyOffice) for files in application is created and files there are displayed in the application. Basically, when you remove the app, the directory remains and after re-installation all documents are displayed in the app automatically.

With that said, you can transfer all your files in this specified folder to let Mobile App see them automatically. So it just like one-time operation that you need to perform to achieve your scenario.

Please let me know if your vision differs and your suggestion pursues another goal.

In other pdf readers and other office tools like WPS office, when I click Allow permission for storage, all of the files (pdf, spreadsheet, presentation, document) from our phone appear in the app and there are no root folders created on our phone. This is exactly what I wish could happen in OO. So, when clicking allow for storage permission, all of our files from our phone appear in OO app and no installed root folder in our phone, nor files that came with OO app like it’s currently now.

I forgot to add, this suggestion should also apply to pdf.

Hello @nicesto
If you don’t mind, I will join this thread too.
We are discussing the situation internally and we will update this thread when we have something to share.

We aren’t planning to change the current behavior. In some scenarios, the operating system of the device may have its own rules regarding file access. For example, Google doesn’t like unrestricted access to the entire device storage. We believe that current behavior of our mobile app is the right one at the moment.
Sorry for inconvenience.