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Mail server : Message Delivery Failure : Connection Reset by Peer

All emails was working, all sending and receiving were working - until today. What happened was that I tried to connect to an external SMTP (via Custom Settings in SMTP Settings). But since it failed, I returned the settings back to “Mail Server Settings”. But when I do a “send test email” - the system shows a connection timeout.

All emails created (to internal email in on-site onlyoffice) fails with Message Delivery Failure : Connection Reset by Peer.

all emails are not working anymore :frowning:

Installation is in Ubuntu using Docker. if I do a docker ps - the mail docker seems to be running. help please?

after three reboots (a few hours interval each), it’s working again. I can send emails internally again without the Message Delivery Failure. can anyone help me with locating where the logs are to diagnose what happened? my installation is using docker in ubuntu. I need to prevent this to happen and understand why after three reboots, it’s working again.

Hello @rodster
Probably there were an issue with Notify or MailAggregator services. If the issue reproduces again, please check their statuses first (inside the Community server container):
service onlyofficeNotify status
service onlyofficeMailAggregator status

As for logs, they’re located here: /app/onlyoffice/CommunityServer/logs/
If the situation arises again, please send us whole logs folder.

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