Mail not receiving emails

The email was working fine when all of a sudden it stopped receiving emails
we restarted the server and the emails came in but then stopped again

Hello Jbrend.

Please provide us with additional information about your installation:

  1. OS of the server where ONLYOFFICE is installed.

  2. Type of installation (docker, deb/rpm, exe).

  3. Version of ONLYOFFICE components installed (Community Server, Control Panel, Mail Server).

  4. How did you perform the installation, point me to the link of the guide you used.

  5. Are you using ONLYOFFICE Mail server or external Mail service (such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc. I mean this: Settings for most popular mail services - ONLYOFFICE)?

Also try to check MailAggregator service status and restart it (for Linux - service onlyofficeMailAggregator status and service onlyofficeMailAggregator restart, for Windows - please restart ONLYOFFICE Mail service in Windows services).