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Mail Backup Problem

S.O. Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
Latest version of Onlyoffice Workspace Community Edition deb/rpm

I have noticed that when I do a hard reset of Onlyoffice, everything is restored correctly except the settings of all users’ mail accounts.
If I enable mail backup via:
Control Panel, Backup, Automatic Data Backup, Include Mail in backup,
the e-mail accounts are restored correctly, but the size of the Backup file is huge and honestly I don’t need to back up all the users’ e-mails as my company mail server already takes care of this.
Is there a way to include only the users’ mail account settings in the Onlyoffice backup without necessarily having to save all the messages as well?
Thank you.

Hello @maxbon
We need some time to discuss the described scenario internally. I will update this thread when we have something to share.

Hello @maxbon
We have checked the described scenario and we added your idea (alternative backup method to save only mail settings and accounts) to internal track system (internal number - 59059). We have started working on it.
Thank you for your idea!

Great news!
I hope that this new feature will be implemented soon because I consider it very important in order to better manage Onlyoffice Backup and Restore processes.
Thanks for accepting my request.

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