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Lost Admin Password

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For bug reports, provide the steps to reproduce and if possible a minimal demo of the problem: Post changing owner from details(Post installation credential to Active directory) I have lost admin control of the Workspace portal. Now I am not able to login to the control panel with my old credential (i.e.
Community Server/Control Panel version: OnlyOffice Workspace CE
Type of installation of Workspace (docker, deb/rpm, exe): Docker
OS: Ubuntu 22.10
Browser version: 108.0.5359.126

Hello @prashant.joshi,

Please describe your situation in more details, what exactly happened, also, can you log in under the owner’s local account and are there other administrators on the portal?

Apology for the late reply!

Post-installation it asks for a new password and confirm password, as well as it asks for an email address on the left side. Which I understood is the master/admin password for the entire control panel admin access.

While configuring and customization I changed owner, post that I lost admin access which I set in the starting. Now if I use that username / password it says invalid username/password.

Hello @prashant.joshi

Sorry for the late reply. Please give us some details of what exactly you did:

  • did you enable authorization via LDAP?

  • did you change the portal owner to the LDAP account and lose access to the portal?

  • do you have the ability to log in with a local portal owner account?

Yes, Russel! That was the issue I was not able to figure out! Now its resolved.

Thanks for your time!

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We were glad to help you! Please contact us if you will have any other questions.

we have changed portal owner to the LDAP account and lost access to portal?
Can you help please/

Hello @abzelev

we have changed portal owner to the LDAP account and lost access to portal?

Please try to log in to the portal with local owner account (email address and password which were specified on the portal Welcome page when you deployed it). Even if you switched to LDAP authorisation, the owner still has local account.

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