Long loading filters in Excel

Hi all! Friends, we work in WorkSpace. We are 12 people. Everything is super, except for the sheet, on which there are 163,000 lines.
When you open it, the web page starts to work very slowly. And it hangs when you try to set the filter for 3-4 seconds. Tell me, is it possible to somehow optimize the work of sheets with big data? 163,000 lines.

hey @maslov

Do you have the opportunity to provide a file with depersonalized data to test this problem?

and specify the version of the ONLYOFFICE editor.



Please specify if you can provide a file on which the behavior described by you is reproduced?

It would be much easier for us to identify the problem and try to fix it.

Hello! The file is uploaded to the cloud. I ask you to inform additionally if it was possible to download and I can remove the access link.

At 160,000 entries, your cloud basically showed the filter normally.

That’s why I increased it by 3 times.

But on my server, the behavior is the same at 160,000 records, which you have at 450,000.

That is, the server affects the performance of the filter? Is it so? Or the user’s computer?

First go to the “Fast Sheet”. There, the behavior is just fine and performance is at its maximum. Click the filter. Apply a filter. Everything will be fine.

Next, go to the “Low Sheet”. You can immediately see a decrease in performance and a hang for a second. Try putting a filter on birth_day. You will see what is buggy. When uninstalling, the web page may freeze altogether.

Do you have any ideas how to improve performance in this case?

File was successfully downloaded. Thanks:)

And beforehand, you have no way to say how you can improve the performance of sheets, where is big data? :slight_smile:

Is there a way to enable server processing somehow?

Unfortunately, I can’t do it in advance

Apparently, the matter is hardware

Specify on which hardware OO workspace is installed

OS: Windows Server 2019
Processor: Intel(R) Xeon (R) CPU E5-2699 v4 @ 2.20GHz
Installed memory (RAM): 32 GB
System Type: 65-bit Operating System, x64-based processor

Is this all for onlyoffice workspace?
and Storage: ssd or hdd?

OnlyOffice WorkSpace is installed on a server with the specifications I described above. However, there are other installed programs on the server that are not running. Only WorkSpace is currently in operation. About 15 GB of RAM is being consumed and there is still 17 GB available.

We use SSD as a storage for OnlyOffice.

Thank you for the information.
We’re testing your file. I will notify you when we have something to share.

Thank you!!

Hello @maslov

We reproduced this problem and added the bug to our internal tracking system.
We will try to fix it in the next versions.

Unfortunately, I can’t say why problems appear on your hardware when interacting with 160,000 lines.
There were no problems on my virtual machine with 6 CPUs and 6 RAM + SSD.

Hello, @maslov
In version 8.0, we have fixed the issue you reported.

  • ONLYOFFICE Docs is already available at the following link