Locating files via SSH/Explorer on the server

Good morning, is there an intuitive way to locate folders and files stored within the server? While connected via SSH to the server, I believe I came close to where the files are located, but the nomenclature isn’t helpful; the names of the folders and files on the web shouldn’t be the same as those stored on the server. Is there a way to find them? I noticed that when clicking on a folder in the URL, there’s a number, but this number doesn’t match on the server. Below are some screenshots to better illustrate what we’re trying to locate.

Path: /app/onlyoffice/CommunityServer/data/Products/Files/00/00/01/

Gui Web

Versões do Onlyoffice Workspace Community Edition
Control panel:
Community Server:
Document Server: Document Server
Type of installation: Docker, no servidor Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS

Hello @regrocsi,
Can you specify the reason you want to locate a file on the server?
Folder hierarchy on the server is not related to the folder hierarchy in the Documents module.

I need to recover a folder that was deleted. I have the VM backup, and I can view the files through the file explorer. [Note: Platform backup was not enabled, so I don’t have a backup through the platform.

Hello @regrocsi
If you have the VM backup, probably it’s better to rollback to get these files. If the files owner is different user, you can ask them to share these files with you. Additionally, if you are portal administrator, you can reassign some files in case of user deletion: People. Getting Started - ONLYOFFICE

Hi @Alexandre ;
Good morning, first of all, thank you for your support. I believe the translation did not convey the reality, as your response does not reflect the situation described. You asked to request the user to share the file, but I have already informed that the file was deleted. What I want is to try to recover this file via the path on the server, grab it from my VM, I don’t want to go back to the VM just for this. Another thing you said that does not match the situation is that as an administrator I can reassign in case of deletion? I didn’t understand that, it seems like you are referring to the feature of reassigning permissions to disabled users on the platform, but that’s not what I’m referring to. See if you understand better now. I just wanted to understand the file path on the server, with this information I can open the VM backup and extract the file, without the need to recover the entire VM.

Texto original - Portugues BR
Acredito que a tradução não transmitiu a realidade, pois em sua resposta não reflete a situação exposta. Você pediu para solicitar ao usuario que compartilhe o arquivo, mais eu já informei que o arquivo foi excluido, o que quero é tentar recuperar esse arquivo via caminho no servidor, pega la na minha VM, não quero voltar a VM só por caso disso. Outra coisa que você disse que não condiz com a situação, é que como administrador eu posso reatribuir em caso de exclusão? não entendi isso, parece que está se referindo ao recurso de reatribuir permissões a usuarios desativado no porta, mais não é sobre isso que estou me referindo.
Veja agora se compreendeu melhor. Queria só entende o caminho dos arquivos no servidor, em possa dessa informação eu consigo abrir o backup da VM e extrair o arquivo, sem necessidade de fazer recuperação de toda a VM

That means you have only two options.

  • If your whole server backup\snapshot contains the file before deleting, you need to rollback entire server to this state and get the file (ask the file owner to log in to the portal when the rollback process is finished and to share the file with you).
  • if you don’t want to rollback the server or file owner don’t want to share the file, then nothing can be done here. Removed files are not located on the server.

NB! Please bear in mind, that personal files are personal. If the file owner doesn’t want to help you even after rolling back entire server and asking them to share the file, then we are not able to help you either. The Workspace portal is designed as the portal where users can have private files.

It’s not a private file, it’s in the common files area, it’s a folder from the department that is shared with the whole company. But I’ve already seen that it’s not possible to obtain information about the path of how the file is stored on the server

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Yes, as @Carl mentioned: