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Live reload plugin

Can i hot reload plugin, when im coding. And can i create plugins like in office with react, like html page

Hello @Bellkyn
We don’t have recommendations for plugin reload. In general, when Document server is started, all plugins (from sdkjs-plugins folder) and necessary configs are loaded. Probably you have to restart the server.

As for ’ like in office with react, like html page’. Probably you can use some libraries like jquery. But such frameworks like React, Vue, etc, suppose to work on the server.

Okay, i fix my problems, but how i can access to window.Asc in external script? Or how i can turn off ‘strict mode’, its all in Desktop Editor
P.S ok i fix it

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Hello, @Bellkyn Andrew!
Did you create your plugin with React.js? Please, give an advice how did you solve it

Sorry for the late answer, i building my project with webpack in app directory and plugins folder, for fast reload by turn off/on plugin. You can pass to app plugin methods as I or use window.Asc.plugin in your code

It’s example of index.js, on plugin init I execute root render, for onClick in editor i use thisimage

But you should add onClick in events in config.json