ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.3 released: enhanced forms, SmartArt, new security settings, Watch Window, and more
ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.3 released

Linux - Split screen and window focus

Do you want to: Suggest a feature / Report a bug / Ask a how-to question - all of them i guess?

I think this is a very specific user need, but I have to ask for your help anyway.

I work with 2 windows at the same time split on the screen. OnlyOffice Desktop Editors on the right and a web browser (usually Firefox or Brave) on the left side. I write my documents while reading case files for lawsuits on my browser.

When I hover my cursor to the browser window (i.e. to scroll the case files), OnlyOffice Desktop Editors lose focus and I can’t keep on typing unless I hover the cursor back to OnlyOffice Desktop Editors.

Just to be very clear, this happens when I simply hover and scroll on the other window.

This does not happen with other office suites for Linux, such as FreeOffice, Softmaker Office and LibreOffice.

It happens on any Desktop Environment (KDE Plasma, Gnome Shell, XFCE, although I am aware that XFCE has its own issues with window focus in its Accessibility settings)

OS version: Manjaro KDE 21
App version:
Downloaded from: pre-installed in Manjaro KDE

Thank you in advance.


Hello @pablogvieira
I am able to reproduce your scenario on Manjaro v.21. We need some time to take a closer look at it. When I get any news, I will update this post.

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Thank you so much for your quick reply. Looking forward to the next steps.

Hello @pablogvieira
We found a match with a known issue (internal number - 50247). We are already working to release a fix.
Unfortunately, I cannot provide you with exact timeframes of fix release.
Sorry for inconvenience.

Same issue here, really a basic feature

We are still working on it. I will update this post when we get any news.
Sorry for inconvenience.

Есть ли понимание когда будет исправлена эта проблема? Очень неудобно работать с документами.
Is there any understanding when this problem will be fixed? This is very inconvenient.

Hello @Maximuss
We are going to add a fix for mentioned bug (50247) with v.7.3. We are planning to release v.7.3 in 6-8 weeks.

Thank you! In my case, the problem is when copying from the onlyoffice file to some other document. When pressing Ctrl+C, it is important that the focus is on onlyoffice, otherwise copying does not work. And when you press Ctrl+V, the old value is inserted. I fall for it all the time. Because when copying, the mouse cursor moves to another document.

I believe that your described scenario is related to mentioned bug. I suggest waiting for v.7.3 and double-checking the situation there. I hope the fix will resolve it.

Hello @Maximuss
We have released v.7.3. Please update Desktop Editors and double-check the situation.

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Thank you very much! Now the editor works fine. Have a nice day!

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Thank you so much! It works just fine. Problem is solved.

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