Linked Documents do not open

When documents are shared f.e. via nextcloud talk or in collectives, clicking on them causes a frame to appear on screen but the document does not load.

Happens when:

sharing files/links via nextcloud talk

Error in Chrome-Developer Tool:

Viewer.vue:443 TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘theme’)
at Viewer.vue:386:1
at c (dist.js:1:80785)
at Generator._invoke (dist.js:1:80573)
at (dist.js:1:81214)
at Wa (Download.vue?b226:19:33)
at a (Download.vue?b226:19:33)

Please specify versions of:

  1. Nextcloud.
  2. Document Server.
  3. ONLYOFFICE connector app.

Also could you please provide a video/gif where you reproduce the issue?

  1. Nextcloud 24.01
  2. OnlyOffice 7.1
  3. Nextcloud official OnlyOffice App


Thank you for the gif.

Yes, we are aware of this issue in Nextcloud 24. It will be fixed in the next version of the connector. Sorry for the inconvenience.