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Linkage between word and excel

Hi may i know if there’s a way we can make it easy to link the content of word document data from the excel storing in the same drive location. so every time i update the excel (spreadsheet), the word (document) can update the content.

I simply want to drag and drop the cell to the document to make it binding. so, in future both word and excel are a binding template for other documents. Is it something achievable through the plugin or what form? Really thanks

Hello @georgelee
Please provide us with details. Do I understand it right that you are looking for a way to sync tables in xlsx and docx files? So when you are editing xlsx then table of docx receives new data too.
If I misunderstood your request, please clarify it.

Hello Alexandre, you are very correct. But more specifically, i have document server on my web application. I use it to open a word document showing up on web. I want to find way to make a function so that it can search for the some specific wording in the word file to the excel file and replace it. For example in my word there is a [A] and in my excel there is also in cell A1 [A] and B1[200], then i want to make it in word to search for [A] in excel and replace in the word [A] to 200.

Is that we can achieve it in document server itself or we need document builder? Really appreicate it.

Hi Alexandre, do you know of any direction to make it possible?

Hello @georgelee
Sorry for the late reply.
Unfortunately, there’s no way to achieve your desired scenario.
Moreover, I didn’t face mentioned mechanism in other editors. If I slipped my mind, please point me to such mechanism in other editor.
In general, we are working on a similar feature for xlsx files (linked spreadsheet cell values), but this is not what you are looking for.