Link tasks using the Gantt сhart

Hello! I would like to ask two how-to question.
As i see in this topic Managing your project using the Gantt chart - ONLYOFFICE

This type of link means that the task you link with cannot begin until the task you link is completed.

But in fact after linking the tasks to each other there is no limitation of closing and opening the tasks while enabled link of tasks created. So user of another task can close his task even if previous linked task is opened. I think my screenshot will show you my problem much more better.

Maybe i did not understand the manual topic in right way, but it is a problem for me because we would like to use linked tasks to disable closing of tasks before closing previous tasks.

Aslo i would like to ask a question about linking tasks which are going in one day. So when i create couple of tasks in one day, i can link them to each other, but on Gantt diagramm link has red color on the screen (with -1d descriprion). As i understand in topic Linking tasks within your project - ONLYOFFICE it is invalid links. And and as i see, invalid links change day of the tasks automatic when i move one of the tasks to another day (to be non-invalid). And programm can’t give me the opportunity to move the task back.
“Invalid” links:
After moving one task to anotehr day, all tasks change their date to make links non-invalid:

But i would like to create tasks in one day with linking to see what task should be done at first and what task should go second and third.

Please, can you help me? Maybe i missed something?

Community Server/Control Panel version: 11.5.4-502/3.0.2-395
Type of installation of Workspace: Установка ONLYOFFICE Groups для Red Hat, CentOS и производных - ONLYOFFICE using script and then update to 11.5.4-502 using yum update
OS: Centos 7
Browser version: no matter

Also i’ve noticed that the Gantt diagram with a task with 16.09.21 - 17.09.21 time frame and a task with 16.09.21 - 16.09.21 timeframe has the same view.

Maybe there is a variant to avoid this? Or it is a bug?


Sorry for the late reply.

About the limitation of closing and opening the tasks - It seems that you may have misinterpreted the abovementioned guide. Linking those tasks only determines dates and does not in any way affect the status of the task itself (whether it can be closed before or after any other task linked to it, etc.).

About linking a few tasks planned for the same date - It was simply not considered by the designers. The “Projects” module was designed for larger projects and tasks, and for small tasks planned in one day, there is a “To-do” feature in the Calendar.

About timeframes being displayed the same way for 16.09/16.09 and 16.09/17.09 - We see the problem here and will implement a proper way of displaying the difference, i.e. 17.09 being marked as a day on which the task is still being worked on.

In conclusion: We are grateful for your report and have registered a proposal for expanding the Gantt сhart functionality and correcting the way task dates like 16.09/16.09 and 16.09/17.09 are being displayed (in regards to your 1st and 3rd questions)

Best regards,

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Hello! Thank you for your answer.
You helped me to discover the essence of linking in Gantt chart.

As you wrote,

But as i see on your web-site Efficient project management tool | ONLYOFFICE :

It’s a perfect tool for fast or medium-sized projects.

On the russian language it is written:

“для краткосрочных проектов или проектов среднего масштаба.”

Translate: “for short-term or medium-sized projects.”

Is it about project module? Am i right? So i thought this module will help me with shot-termed projects.

Thank you for your proposal about future implementation about date view in Gantt chart!
But if you can, may i ask you to do proposal to discuss question with your colleagues about using task linking in one day without invalid output in Gantt chart?


Yes, that description is about the “Projects” module, but as we mentioned before - such short-term projects were simply not considered by the designers. It was designed for larger projects and tasks.

We did discuss the possibility of “using task linking in one day without invalid output in Gantt chart” when processing your initial questions, but so far we have no plans to implement this functionality in the near future.

Best regards,

Thank you for your answer!
It’s a pity! But I’ll wait for such functionality.