Line breaks don't copy

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For bug reports, provide the steps to reproduce and if possible a minimal demo of the problem:

  • Type in a document.
  • Press shift+enter for a line break
  • Type some more.
  • Select all of the content before and after the break, including the break.
  • Copy
  • Go to any program outside of OnlyOffice— such as Affinity Publisher, Notepad, Discord, or Vivaldi.
  • Paste
  • The text pastes, but without line breaks.

Desktop Editor version:

OS: Windows

Hello, we are currently analysing the issue, I’ll inform you as soon as I have news.

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Hello, the issue is related to an existing bug, we are working to fix it. I’ll added your request concerning this bug to our bug tracking system

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Alright, sounds good! Thank you so much!