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Line breaks and formatting in ODS is not showing up

OnlyOffice (OO) on (I cannot see any version yet).

The ODS spreadsheet file may contain a line break of some formatting (such as column width and border thickness). But OO does not interpret them correctly. It ignores the line break although it does not ignore the row height. It ignores some or all border widths.

Ignored attributes or elements:

  • line break (the line break has to be entered again to be visisble)
  • line width for border
  • column widths
  • date formatting (here, setting again Format as Date re-renders the cell, no change in file seetings is required)

The PDF file has been created by OO itself.

Hello @landedunmatched
They are using Document server v.7.2.2. This is outdated version and there’s no point to check out the case on this version. If it’s possible, please contact their support team and ask them to update Document server to the latest version (v.7.4.1). When the update process is finished, please re-check the situation. If the issue still reproduces after the update, please provide us with exact usage scenarios and screenshots.
One more thing. Please bear in mind, that Document Server’s native file format is OOXML. We recommend to convert files to this format before editing.

Thank you, Alexandre, for your answer. Yes, my documents are ODF defaults. But edits were so basic (cell content and border attributes) that I would not expect differences and issues in the two file formats.

(Cry on a wrong shoulder: It is pity that OOXML has been forced to us.)

Are there release notes, please. We can file an issue with our server and a changelog or release note on version can help very much to support the argument to upgrade/update.

In changelog, I found a note about issue-fix related to one bug I experienced

  • Fix display of dates when saving a workbook to the ODS format (Bug #61089) (DocumentServer#2102)

I could not find anything about fixing multi-line content issues and border attribute issues, anyway.

Funny entry meaning that all fixes are applied and no bug is present anymore :smiley:

  • All components received countless fixes

Hello @landedunmatched
You have found correct changelogs link. We post information about changes and fixes there, I believe you can pass this link to support team for their reference.
As for the situation in general, we always recommend using the latest version of Document server. Each version contains new features and fixes for known bugs. That’s why I recommend Document server updating before checking the situation.

Funny entry meaning that all fixes are applied and no bug is present anymore :smiley:

  • All components received countless fixes

I will contact colleagues of mine and will ask them to provide more specific changelogs in the future releases. Thank you for pointing me to it! There’re a lot of users’ suggestions and some bugs which we are currently working on. So this line doesn’t mean that there aren’t any bugs at all. Sorry for misunderstanding.