Liferay OnlyOffice edit unable to load documents after update

While updating the document server to attempt to solve another problem we are having we now cannot access any documents at all.

While we were previously unable to save version history of documents and edits, we now cannot access any documents at all. We currently use Liferay Community Edition Portal 7.3.5 CE GA6, (previously) document server v6.1.0 which has been updated to v7.1.1 and the connector app v 2.2. For updating from v6.1.0 I was following the instructions found here Updating ONLYOFFICE Docs for Linux to the latest version - ONLYOFFICE
The server is also running on CentOS 8.

Hello @BShaver
Please reproduce the issue and send us whole Document server logs folder. It’s located here: /var/log/onlyoffice/documentserver/
Also please go to connector page and click Save button. Please make a screenshot of the result.

It looks like when running the yum update on everything we run into the errors I mentioned above, however in trying to replicate it I only ran sudo yum update onlyoffice-documentserver and we seem to be fully functional.

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