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ONLYOFFICE DocSpace released

Lack of compatibility

Many msoffice functions are missing here as well as display errors such as typography and animations, which I hope can be improved.
I have made several documents with which you can compare:
docx xlsx pptx

Thank you for the files provided.
We are already working on most of the display problems.

I will notify you when I have something to share.

Hey, @for_the_zero

Please specify the following information:

  1. Which operating system you are using?
  2. Did you create these files yourself or have you made changes to a template? (non-standard page size in a .docx document)
  3. Which editor did you use to create these files (MS Office version)?
  4. Which version of ONLYOFFICE editor are you using?

Thank you once again for providing the documents. We are grateful to you. :hugs:

  1. win10 1909
  2. myself
  3. ms 365
  4. newest

Thank you for the clarifications.
We continue to work on the problems in the attached files.