ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.3 released: enhanced forms, SmartArt, new security settings, Watch Window, and more
ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.3 released

Lack of compatibility between PPTX file (powerpoint) and Presentation editor (onlyoffice)

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Hello, in my attempt to use free software and not more systems and software from ms, I tried to open a file with .pptx extension in onlyoffice presentation editor. But, unfortunately there was a deconfiguration of texts in the text boxes (they presented strange spellings instead of the correct one) and alteration of the images original position in several slides.
For me it was a disappointment because I was starting to use the onlyoffice text editor with .docx files made in word and the compatibility was excellent.
Unfortunately I’m going to have to go back to using proprietary software like word or wps.

Hello @waydson,
Could you please provide the example pptx file where the issue is reproduced so we could analyze the issue and file a bug if there is one?

OK. I can send yes. But, how do I send it only to you so that the file is not accessed by other people?
Send by email?

You can send it via personal messages here.