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Kubernetes: Saving of xls files fails with error in Converter

Environment: Kubernetes
OO-Version: onlyoffice/docs-converter-de:7.1.1-4

The save (or force save) action failed for xls documents in a kubernetes deployed ONLYOFFICE DOCS instance.

I found the following error in the converter pod log:

[2022-09-16T07:41:33.713] [ERROR] nodeJS - ExitCode (code=88;signal=null;error:-88;id=2965d8e0-dc36-4f82-8e3c-ce995cccf32e_548c1b38_1970) 

Is there a way to change the log level for the converter or is this maybe a known bug?

The error happens before the backend API is requested via the callback API. Here only event 3 or 7 is sent to the callback handler.

Best regards

Hello @uwohlfeil
The described issue is related to the fact that Document server doesn’t save files in older format (xls\doc\ppt). In general we recommend to convert these formats to OOXML before editing process. Please check it out: ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Opening File
The document editing service downloads the document file from the document storage service using the ID and link provided. At this step the conversion of the file into Office Open XML format is also performed for the document editor better performance and formats compatibility.

Also you can take a look at this parameter: ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Saving File
Default value is true, so in your scenario Document server tried to save xls file in original format and it failed. You can try to set it to false and re-check the issue scenario. For Kubernetes, you can map that parameter to local.json file: