Keyboard Shortcuts: formula bar, navigate between tabbed documents

In the documentation it is said that, F12 will “edit the active cell and position the insertion point at the end of the cell contents. If editing in a cell is turned off, the insertion point will be moved into the Formula Bar.” My question is, how can you turn off editing in a cell. I can’t find this setting anywhere in the general or advanced settings.

Also, is there a keyboard shortcut for navigating back and forth through tabs/documents when in tabbed mode?

Thank you!

OS version: Arch linux
App version:
Downloaded from: AUR

Hello @kvnduff

As far as your first question is concerned, unfortunately, this feature is currently unavailable. I will forward your suggestion to our Development Team for further consideration.

Please use Alt + PgUp \ Alt + PgDown to navigate through the sheets.

Ok, thank you for your reply! I think a keyboard shortcut to access the formula bar would be a valuable feature for many of your keyboard-centric users. Also, to be clear, for my second question I wasn’t referring to navigation through worksheets in a workbook. I was asking about navigation through open documents in tabbed mode. So if you have multiple workbooks, documents, presentations, or forms open, is there a way to use the keyboard to switch between documents? I am aware that you can navigate through Spreadsheet worksheets with alt + pgup/pgdn.

Again thanks for your reply. I’m a new user to OnlyOffice and am very happy with the application!

Hello @kvnduff
Thank you for the clarification! Our development team is already discussing the issue. Now our application uses the keyboard shortcut ctrl + tab and ctrl + shift + tab to switch between tabs.

ctrl+tab doesn’t work on mac

Hello @xycainoff

We are aware of this issue. Please accept out apologies for inconvenience.