Keyboard command to skip cursor one word at a time

All other programs and apps are able to skip through a document one word at a time using the MAC OS keyboard command: Option + cursor
(applies to cursor right or cursor left)

Programs such as MS Word, editing fields of documents within a browser, etc., will skip one word at a time. ONLY OFFICE merely skips one letter/space at a time - in other words the Option + cursor command is no different from a single key cursor command.

Can we get this command added to ONLYOFFICE to make it fit universal standards? Thank you

Type of installation of the Document Server (docker, deb/rpm, exe)
OS: 7.1
Browser version: Brave 1.39.120

Hello @c308682
The following shortcuts move one word to the left or right:

^ Ctrl+,
⌘ Cmd+


^ Ctrl+,
⌘ Cmd+

All the shortcuts you can find in our Help Center.