Issues with Document Collaboration: Concurrent Edits Leading to Data Discrepancies

Hello community,

I’ve recently encountered a challenge while collaborating on documents in ONLYOFFICE Docs. Our team frequently works on the same document simultaneously, but we’ve noticed that concurrent edits sometimes result in data discrepancies and inconsistencies. It seems that changes made by one user are not always reflected in real-time for others, leading to confusion and potential data loss.

Has anyone else experienced similar problems with document collaboration in ONLYOFFICE Docs? If so, how did you address or mitigate these issues? Are there any best practices or settings that can help ensure a smoother collaborative editing experience?

I appreciate any insights or suggestions from the community to help us improve our document collaboration process.

Thank you

@joeroot Hello,
Please provide a video showing reproduction of the issue.
What is the version of the Document Server you use?
Please check if the strict co-editing mode is turned on.

Thank you for your prompt response. After further investigation, we identified that the issue we were facing was indeed a bug in the system. I’m pleased to inform you that our technical team has addressed and resolved the bug, and now our collaborative editing experience in ONLYOFFICE Docs is functioning seamlessly. Thank you again for your support.