Issues when connecting user from OnlyOffice Android app to Nextcloud

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Hi, I’m having weird issues when trying to connect OnlyOffice mobile app to my nextcloud 26. Whenever I try to connect to it, via a simple user, I get to enter my credentials, try to connect and register my device then I get trown back to the connect a cloud screen with a error popup message saying Unauthorized Request

Tho I have no problem doing this process with the Admin account. Does anyone know could prevent this from working? I haven’t seen any specific permission related to this use case.

Hello @TotallyNotHax

I think some more information needed:

  • version of the mobile app;
  • if there are any apps for Nextcloud that are related to the security installed.

By the way, have you tried clearing apps cache and trying again after that?

Using the latest version of the mobile app available on the google play store. vers 5.6.2 build 442 SDK
As for security, I got GeoBlocker and suspicious login detection enabled.

Sorry for the late response.

Have you tried checking the behavior with these apps disabled?
Also, do you experience any issues when connecting under the user account via browser?

Yes, this has no impact on the result. Users still get blocked

Thanks for checking out. What about browser?
I’m asking because I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue myself.

I think we should also take a look at Nextcloud logs after attempting to log in with user account.
By the way, is it possible to provide a test account?

I can tell you what worked for me, what i did was this performed a force stop on google play store.