Issues reported so far and their status in OO 7.5

Hello OO Team,

Thanks to each one of you for your continuous effort in making the OO suite better and open to user suggestions.

Could you kindly explain in what order issues are fixed & improvements are considered/implemented?

I have complied the list of issues reported by me and in few I had participated. For more details please refer to the attached spreadsheet.

Could you please share an update on by when these will be covered? Such as version and approximate date?


Issues reported by MKVRC and Status in OO 7.5, Ver1.xlsx (10.2 KB)

Hello @MKVRC

We are happy to know that you care about the reported issues/made suggestions and willing to make the editors better.

Our team is constantly working on making the product better and we thoroughly consider all requests that users submit when we are developing new versions. In general, once an issue is fixed or a suggestion is implemented, we always inform users about it in their respective threads. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any exact dates for solutions to be publicly released since in many cases it requires much effort and time frames may shift in the process.

With that said, if you want to speed up the process, you can always contact our sales department via and discuss the procedure.

Hi @Constantine

Thank you for the update

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