Issues regarding support for domain code

I am currently facing a requirement:
At the end of the first few pages of the document, it is necessary to generate the “next page”, and at the same position on the last page of the document, it is necessary to generate the “last page”. I came up with the idea that domain code can support this operation, and I created a document with domain code using Microsoft Office. The content of the domain code is:


It can be displayed normally, but when I preview using OnlyOffice, it always displays “NEXTPAGE”. It is possible that OnlyOffice does not currently support this type of domain code. Will we consider supporting this feature in the future?

Hello @Lesens

It is not quite clear what do you mean by domain code. May I ask you to provide a link to the documentation that explains how to use domain codes? Additionally, I’d be very helpful to have a demo document with such field.

Sorry, it was my expression.
I actually used an IF function combined with a word field. It should be called “Field codes”;
Official link:List of field codes in Word

Thank you for the link. Unfortunately, field codes are not implemented. Suggestion to add support was registered earlier, I’ve added your request to it.