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Issue with save as PDF (Report a bug in Mac Desktop)

Issue with save as / print to PDF
(Reporting a bug in Mac Desktop)

New bug/issue with saving Word documents (.docx) to PDF or print-to-pdf.

All text converts to Bold and vice-versa.

Never any issues prior to recent updates.

Note: standard formatting only in these documents, no macros, no external links or special characters, locally saved on desktop (not on cloud).

OnlyOffice version: (533) x86_64
Operating system: OS Mac Catalina 10.15.7 on 2020 MacbookPro intel.
Desktop edition:

Thanks for any assist!

Hello @amv
I have tried to reproduce described scenario on Big Sur (v.11.6), but without any result.
Could you please record a videofile while you are reproducing the issue and provide us with example of a file, where issue reproduces?

Thanks - I’ve discovered that the issue was with the font ‘Swiss 721’. For some strange reason on print/pdf this font converts normal text to bold, and bold to normal! Using an alternative font from now on.

We are glad that the issue is solved. But if it’s possible, we would like to take a look at the file where the issue reproduces ( with ‘Swiss 721’ font). If it’s possible, please provide us with that file. We need to troubleshoot it, so other users will not face the same situation.

Hi Alexandre, since we resolved this I’ve not been able to replicate the problem. No change in OS (still 10.15.7), just reinstalled OF v7.1.1 - it could be that the choice of Swiss721 font is important, there are several versions. Swiss721 versions ‘light’, ‘thin’, ‘roman’ seem to work better. Or it was simply a print to pdf issue…hope that helps!

Hello @amv
We didn’t face the same issue during our tests, but anyway, I’m glad that the issue is solved.
Please feel free to contact us if you face any issues.