Issue with PDF opening

ONLYOFFICE Mobile: Documents
Do you want to: Report a bug.
Device: Huawei Nova 9
OS version: EMUI 13 (Huawei do not inform in settings which Android it is based on)
App version: 8.0.1
Mode: On Device
Downloaded from Huawei App Gallery

I found weird issue wile opening PDF:

Here is description step by step what I am doing in video:

  1. I open PDF using “folder” button - but nothing happens
  2. I import the same PDF file and after importing, it it works fine.
  3. I open File Manager app and open it from there, it works fine as well.
  4. I open Word file using “folder” button - it opens this file normally
  5. After performing number 4, I open the same PDF file but right now it is probably displayed as Word (blue background) and it destroys completely formatting.

Clearing cache helps, but ones I perform this operation again it happens again.

And right now every PDF I open from OnlyOffice app is treated as Word (blue background) and only way to open PDF correctly is to open it from File Manager

Here is a video:

Here are files used in video:
Word file: file-sample_500kB.doc (491.5 KB)
PDF file: 41c70fc8f822ec953739073e338142c7_MIT18_821S13_latexsample.pdf (282.0 KB)

Please fell free to contact me if You need some additional information, I don’t know If the same issue happens in version from Google Play Store.

Hello @dedoci

We are checking the situation according to your scenario. I will provide a feedback once results come up.

Sorry for the amount of time it took to identify the problem. I’m glad to inform you that this issue will be fixed in upcoming version of the app. We will additionally notify you once version is released.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

Thank You, that’s great news

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Hello again @dedoci

We have released new version of app for Android. Please update it and check the situation.
For Huawei App Gallery update will be released a little bit later.

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