Issue with PDF opening

ONLYOFFICE Mobile: Documents
Do you want to: Report a bug.
Device: Huawei Nova 9
OS version: EMUI 13 (Huawei do not inform in settings which Android it is based on)
App version: 8.0.1
Mode: On Device
Downloaded from Huawei App Gallery

I found weird issue wile opening PDF:

Here is description step by step what I am doing in video:

  1. I open PDF using “folder” button - but nothing happens
  2. I import the same PDF file and after importing, it it works fine.
  3. I open File Manager app and open it from there, it works fine as well.
  4. I open Word file using “folder” button - it opens this file normally
  5. After performing number 4, I open the same PDF file but right now it is probably displayed as Word (blue background) and it destroys completely formatting.

Clearing cache helps, but ones I perform this operation again it happens again.

And right now every PDF I open from OnlyOffice app is treated as Word (blue background) and only way to open PDF correctly is to open it from File Manager

Here is a video:

Here are files used in video:
Word file: file-sample_500kB.doc (491.5 KB)
PDF file: 41c70fc8f822ec953739073e338142c7_MIT18_821S13_latexsample.pdf (282.0 KB)

Please fell free to contact me if You need some additional information, I don’t know If the same issue happens in version from Google Play Store.

Hello @dedoci

We are checking the situation according to your scenario. I will provide a feedback once results come up.