Issue with filter in formated table: bottom rows persist

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Problem: The filter function of a formatted table I created in Spreadsheets doesn’t work properly.

Example case: when I filter for a specific value (which is supposed to show only one row), it also shows the bottom three rows. Whatever I filter, the bottom three rows always persist.

The problem doesn’t occur with every formatted table, nor does it directly when I create one. I have had this issue a couple of times, and it usually occurs after using the same file and formatted table for a longer period of time.

The funny thing is that if I change the order (for example by changing from A-Z to Z-A) the issue continues with the new bottom three rows. So it is connected to whatever the bottom three rows are. Regardless of the content. It also persists when deleting al rows, and creating new ones (without deleting the formatted table.

Further more, the issue started with only one persisting row, which then became two, and then three.

OS version: MacOS 12.7 (Monterey)
App version: OnlyOffice Desktop Editor Version 7.5.0 (541) x86_64
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website

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I updated OnlyOffice today (after the issue occurred), which didn’t affect the issue. I can’t tell what the previous version was, but it wasn’t very old, since I update regularly, so I guess it was the most recent version before this one.

I think this is a bug, but I can’t rule out that I used some kind of setting that I am unaware of.

I would have uploaded an example .xlsx file, but can’t due to being a new user.

Hello, @onlyoff-tim
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  1. Could you provide a link to the file itself?
  2. Similarly, it would be great if you could demonstrate the issue in a video.

As follows two download links.

File: 15.5 KB file on MEGA

Screen recording: 15.83 MB file on MEGA

Hope this helps.

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Thank you for the file and a video! :+1:
We are checking the situation.
I will let you know when I get something. :wink:

hey @onlyoff-tim

We have created an error report for the issue you encountered: 'The filter displays unnecessary items in the xlsx file. :+1:

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