Is there way to know whether a document is encrypted?

Do encrypted documents show anything on-screen – either when they’re open or in their titles when those appear in a file list – that lets you know they’re encrypted?

I believe the similar question was discussed here : What is the difference between "Encrypt" and "Protect Document" In OnlyOffice? - #2 by Alexandre
A user will face ‘enter a password’ pop-up message on file opening attempt. There’re no other indications.

Thanks @Alexandre, this post was different from the other in that here I was only wondering whether I can see an on-screen indication that the document is or isn’t encrypted (e.g., if I have a doc open and can’t remember whether I saved it with encryption).

Apparently not. It would be a useful feature to add in a future update.

Hello @mk7z

I think as an indication that document is encrypted with the password can be icon display of the feature. If you go to the Protection tab and check Encrypt icon - for the unencrypted document it won’t be highlighted and for the encrypted it will. See an example here:

Encrypted document above and unencrypted below.

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Thanks, @Constantine.

In trying to test this I now I have another problem.

I created an unencrypted backup of a document, intending to encrypt the original and check the information in your message.

However, instead of adding a new separate document, ‘save as’ (to create the copy) replaced the original with the backup in OnlyOffice.

I went to the Mac Finder to open the original (not yet encrypted) doc.

It was there but I can’t seem to get both to open in OnlyOffice at the same time.

When I try to open the original (from the Mac Finder) it doesn’t appear in OnlyOffice.

Only the backup displays in the tabs of open documents.

Can’t one have both ‘saved’ and ‘saved as’ documents open at the same time?

Please clarify if you are using Desktop Editors or not.

In general, explain how did you create a backup (copy) file in details. Did you give it the same name?

I haven’t been able to figure out what the different categories OnlyOffice uses refer to.

If “Desktop Editors” means ‘no web’, that I assume is what I’m using.

I am not using the web for anything (except of course for forum posts or website pages).

Everything I’ve done workwise with OnlyOffice has been ‘local’.

My ‘About’ screen says I am using OnlyOffice v. 7.3.3 (538) x86_64.

I believe that all I did was a “save as” so that I would have a backup copy of a document I was going to test for something.

Following the ‘save as’, the document that then remained on-screen was the backup. That I understood.

What I don’t understand is that I can’t also open the original to have both open.

When I try to open it the original doesn’t appear. I still see only the backup in my tabbed list of documents.

I didn’t name the backup the same as the original. I included the work ‘backup’ in its title.

Thanks, @Constantine. I see now. It would be preferable in my opinion to have the ‘encrypted’ indicator visible at all times, rather than having to go to the Protection tab to check it.

I feel that I have to weigh the value of encryption of any document against the possibility that it could result in loss of the document in circumstances where that wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t encrypted. OnlyOffice in fact crashed (for the first time) when I saved a short document I had created and encrypted to test the visual indicator under Protection. The doc did get saved, with encryption intact. Hopefully the crash was just a fluke (!)

Do you mean an indicator like, for example, the one that is shown in the document title when in Read Only mode?

Yes, either like that or as an icon with ‘E’ or ‘Encrypted’ superimposed on it, or an emoji with a suitable image – like a ‘skull & crossbones’ . . . or maybe this: :skull:.

We are taking closer look at your suggestion.
I will inform you when any feedback is available.

We have registered an enhancement to add visual indicator that states that the document is encrypted. It will be added in one of the future releases of Document Server.

Thank you for the suggestion.