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ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.3 released

Is there any methods to get properties of a chart?

I am working on a project to edit chart in a document. While the data of chart is from a database, if the data was changed, the chart would to be updated. However, sometimes I need to get all properties of a chart and recreate it.
But I found the apichart(ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - ApiChart) doesn’t have any methods to get properties of a chart. I wonder whether there is other way, or new version of onlyoffice would provide such feature.

Hello @wingnet

Could you please describe your general workflow to get better understanding of it?
If possible please provide a video demonstration of the problem that you are facing.

thank you for the reply.
These are the steps of operation:
1 the user will open a web page containing an onlyoffice document.
2 A button in the page will be clicked by the user.
3 the js of the page will fetch data from backend service.
4 js of the page will insert a bar chart filled with data into the onlyoffice document.
The above 4 steps are fullfilled correctly.
However, if the user changed the title of the chart and I just wanted to created a same one, there would be a problem: I can’t get the new title of the chart.
So is there any methods to get properties of a chart?
thanks Constantine

Hello @wingnet

Are you trying to perform these actions via plugin/macro?

Not exactly.
Through a connector to CallCommand().
Anyway, if I could get properties of a chart in macro or plug-ins, that would be helpful.

Hello again @wingnet

Sorry for the late reply.

Do I understand it correctly that you want to get the properties and send it to the backend service?

Hello @Constantine
Getting the properties of a chart will be ok.