Is there a way to see how many connections are currently being used?

As an admin OO, it’d be nice to have an admin screen somewhere that would show connections that are currently active, and from which users.
Does such a thing exist today?

Hello Charles.

We don’t have publicly available instructions on this request. But as I can see, you are a commercial client, so I recommend creating a ticket on this request via Zendesk.

Hi Alexandre, I found a place this is visible, under /controlpanel/activate, it lists the number of connections that can be clicked that provides a CSV file with the connections:


so, How does the developer version open this page ?
I didn’t find the control panel

Hello @wenq
Control Panel is a part of Workspace product (it’s separate product, all-in-one installation which contains such modules as People, CRM, Mail). Document server doesn’t have Control Panel module.
By the way, if you have commercial license, it’s better to contact us via Zendesk to get prompt replies.