Is there a way to run ONLYOFFICE as a portable application for Windows?

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I utilize a portable application platform from to take my workspace along with me so I have a stable work environment whether I am using a computer I can install software on or not. While ONLYOFFICE would be my first choice for a Microsoft Office alternative, ONLYOFFICE is the only alternative that doesn’t have a portable option for Windows. I have tried the portable versions of FreeOffice, LibreOffice, OpenOffice, and WPS Office and all of them fall short when it comes to UI design, functionality, and/or compatibility. Is there any way to utilize OPENOFFICE as a portable application on Windows or is there any plan to release a portable version of ONLYOFFICE in the future?

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Hello @CoffeeFan
We need some time to discuss the request. I will update this post when we have something to share.

The portable version may have issues due to the lack of the necessary dependencies on the user’s PC. That is why the release of portable version is not planned.
Sorry for inconvenience.

Hello Alexandre,

Thank you for the reply. Do you happen to know which particular dependencies are necessary? I only ask because, if it was the JRE for example, the platform provides jPortable, a portable Java runtime environment. I’m no developer by any stretch of the imagination but really love your software and would love to include it in my portable application suite :slight_smile:

We don’t have any plans on it at the moment. There’re a lot of different dependencies which belong to specific OSs.
Sorry for inconvenience.

Try Evelaze or similar for selfbuilding. (Spoon Virtual, Cameyo - but this has bad rating in czechia, etc) Or better see botom in this thread:

Just to add a few words to the suggestion of using Spoon Virtual/Cameyo/etc . We haven’t checked the scenarios of creating portable versions via third-party apps, so we cannot provide any guarantees of stable work.

It’s just a suggestion for the individual user. However, using the professional tools from the venerable PortableApps - or possibly getting your development team to agree a port with that organization - to create a portable version would not be out of place. I’ll try to put it up as a suggestion myself. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t work - LO is a far more brutal package and it runs well. I use the portable version of LO for bulk document conversion via cmd/terminal.

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I understand your position and desired goal. However, we do believe that portable version users may face issues due to the lack of some dependencies on their PCs.
I will keep this thread open in case of other requests, but we are not planning a portable version at he moment.
Sorry for inconvenience.

Yeah portable version is pretty key if OnlyOffice wants to keep in rotation of essential apps.

Post-covid remote workers - many of us are not going back. And thank god. It’s better this way, only need to go into central office occasionally. Everyone is working remote and team has expanded.

But when I do go in I need ALL essential apps on thumb drive with my own docs. I’m not messing around with office workstations, logging into cloud services or downloading software to them.

Just a tip.

Good enough for linux in mid 2020

Hello @dandan
Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Unfortunately, there’s no news on the portable version right now. As I mentioned before there’re a lot of possible issues that are related to dependencies.
However, I will update this thread when we are ready to share something.