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Is there a way to have new calendar entries default to 60 minutes instead of 30 minutes?

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When creating a new calendar entry, it defaults to 30 minutes. Can we change the default to 60?

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OS: Windows
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Hello @charles
Please provide us with details. What do you mean by ‘it defaults to 30 minutes’? As I see, when you are creating an event in calendar, you can set any time of that event.

If you simply click on the calendar to start a new item, it defaults to 30 minutes, not 60 minutes.

Could you please make a screenshot? There’s default setting for 30 minutes in the end time tab. But this value for minutes only, so you can’t set 60 minutes there

When you click the calendar to make an entry:

It defaults to 30 mins. Can that be changed to 60?

Sorry, there’s no way to change default behaviour of this setting.