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Is it possible to make a convenient paragraph setting?

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The inconvenience is expressed in the impossibility of entering the value of paragraph indents from the on-screen keyboard. Currently, the arrows to the right and left of the value are used to edit indents and indents. The step of values is 0.01. To set the indent to 1.25 cm, I have to click on the arrow 125 times. It is much more convenient to click on a numerical value and immediately enter the desired number.
Is it possible to implement such functionality?

Неудобство выражается в невозможности ввода с экранной клавиатуры значения отступов абзаца. В настоящее время для редактирования отступов и выступов используются стрелки справа и слева от значения. Шаг значений 0,01. Чтобы выставить отступ 1,25 см я должен нажать на стрелку 125 раз. Гораздо удобнее нажать на числовое значение и сразу ввести нужную цифру.
Возможно реализовать подобный функционал?
Device: Huawei Y7p
OS version: Android 10, EMUI 10.1.0
App version: 5.2.1
Mode: Connect to Cloud / On Device

Hello @Monk
Thank you for the suggestion! I will forward it to our Development Team. I also recommend you to update the app ONLYOFFICE Documents to the latest version 5.3.1.

Thanks, Kate! But just 5.2.1 version have been in Huawei AppGallery. Download version 5.3.1 directly from official site I can’t. 5.2.1 is latest version in AppGallery.

I apologize for misleading you. The latest available version in Huawei AppGallery is 5.2.1.

Which is best version for Tecno spark users

Hello @pempakolian123
We always recommend to use the latest versions of our apps. Each new version contains fixes for known bugs and new features.