Is it possible to access Shared Drives in our Google Workspace?

I have no trouble accessing my Google Drive documents in both the Desktop App and the Mobile App, but this is only for the folders in my individual user account. Our Shared Drives are not visible and if there’s a way to access them I can’t find it.

Is this possible?

Hello @RevMen

May I know how exactly Google Drive was connected to Desktop Editors/Mobile app?
Also, please specify versions of used apps.

OnlyOffice Documents Android Version 8.0.1 build 533 SDK

Clouds → Add account → Google Drive → Log in with Google Workspace account

Other applications with similar functionality would allow a choice between “My Drive” and “Shared Drives” before listing files but OnlyOffice just goes directly to My Drive.

Can you please provide a screenshot of such choice?

Here is a screenshot from Insync on a Linux desktop and a screenshot from Office365 on Android. If you hover above the icons on the left in InSync you’ll see the same 4 choices (My Drive, Shared With Me, Shared Drives, Starred).

These 4 choices are pretty standard across applications that can access Google Drive.

Thank you very much. We are discussing this case internally, I will provide a feedback later.