Is it necessary to fully implement all the functionality?


In my scenario users work with files in single mode(without co-editing), also no need versioning and history for files (because it is implemented in the application in a different way).
Do I understand correctly that in this case I need to implement “track”, “upload” and “download” api endpoints to work with document server?

I have also question about regenerate document.key. You write that I need to regenerate key, but i check c# example and this key regenerate document server, as i understand. If I understand correctly, in the method in callbackurl I need to generate a new key and somehow transfer it to the server/config?

Hello @Forbz

According to your usage scenario you need to implement only opening and saving of a document. To get more information about these operations please refer to these articles from our API:

document.key must be generated in your app and provided to Document Server when opening a file for editing or viewing. For instance, C# test example generates this key like that:

However, keep in mind, that document.key must be preserved for a while so that user will be able to return to the document after closing tab with editor, i.e. until document is not saved back to the storage (more info about that in article on how saving works) and document.key must be generated anew when another user opens document to avoid co-editing.

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