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Ipad - the search menu does not fully hide the menu bar

I tried OO on my parent’s ipad (2021 with ipadOs up to date, with a fresh install of OO).
I tried the search function, and here is what I got:

The search menu is not fully hiding the title bar (as I can see on my iphone).
Therefor, it cannot be used, as one cannot enter the search field and type text.

NB : I won’t be able to perform further tests as I don’t have an ipad at home, sorry.

Hello @arcqus
We will try to check out described scenario. But we need additional information from your side. Please clarify the exact device model and iOS version.

Ipad : Apple ipad 10,2 2021 gen.
IpadOS : last version.

Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce the situation on our test devices. I will keep this thread open in case of new reports from other users. Hopefully we will get new information to resolve the situation.

Hello @arcqus
We have reproduced the situation and we found a bug. Thank you for pointing us to it! We have started working on it.

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