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ONLYOFFICE 7.0 released

iPad app crashes / total document loss

Device: iPad 5th gen
OS version: 15.4.1
App version: 7.0.1
Mode: On Device (editing file from Dropbox)

Spent 2 hours editing and writing a document only to have the app crash as I was finishing. Everything totally lost. An infuriating waste of time. And there appears to be no way to manually save a document while in progress? And no autosave?

Hello @LLRazz
We offer an apology for described situation. If app continues to crush, please provide us with exact scenario, so we will be able to reproduce the issue.
As for manually save feature, we are working on it already (internal number - 52182). Unfortunately, I cannot provide you with exact release timeframes at the moment.
Sorry for inconvenience.

@LLRazz one more thing.
Is it possible to reproduce the issue and record a video file? It will help us to investigate the situation.