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I have recently noticed that using the iOS version of documents spreadsheet in the app, that there is no way to enable freezing frames. Has this feature been removed or is it just a bug that is causing it to not appear. I realized this when I opened a spreadsheet that was supposed to have frozen frames and they were not frozen. I could not find a way to enable it anywhere on the app either.
I am using iOS 15 and app version 6.5. This also appeared to be an issue before upgrading to iOS 15.

Thanks for the help.


If you mean the Freeze Panes feature, it is available only in web editors on iOS:

Yes, that is what I meant. Sorry for the confusion. Is that something that could possibly come to iOS?

We will implement it in one of the future versions of the iOS app.

Is there any timeline on when we can expect this?
I’m using the web app now, but it’s really slow scrolling compared to the native app.



Unfortunately there is currently no way for you to monitor the progress made, but we are working on implementing this feature and will notify you of the results as soon as possible.

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